Subscription Service

Hey, everyone!  Do you have titles you read every month?  Worried about them selling out before you get them?  Well, fear not!  Just sign up for Brian’s Comics Subscription Service (aka ”pull list”).  We will order and hold your monthly titles just for you.  And best of all, it’s FREE!!!

  • No minimum number of titles.
  • Free bags and boards included.
  • You are required to pick up everything pulled for you once a month. If your subscription box is not emptied within the month, your account will be put on hold.  Titles will not be pulled again until your entire box is empty.
  • Special orders or titles subscribed to are not eligible for any other discounts or sales events.
  • Changes and additions to your pull list must be done in person.
  • Special order titles may take up to two months to cancel.
  • You are required to keep a current phone number and e-mail address on file with us.
  • Your signature is agreement to these terms.




Name: D.O.B:
City: Zip:
E-mail: Phone:


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