DC Comics New Identity

new logo


Yesterday, DC Entertainment unveiled its new brand identity and logo.  The new logo will be seen on comic books and graphic novels as well as other DC related websites and merchandise.  This is all part of DC’s radical revamping of the company.  If you remember, back in September, they relaunched their entire lineup of comic books.

The evolution of the DC logo

It was just a few years ago the “swoosh” logo replaced the “bullet” logo that had been around for years.  I’m rather partial to the “swoosh” logo (and let’s face it, it looks good before the movies, right?).  But, I understand why they did it.  This is a new era for comic books and comic book readers.  Things are changing, so for good, some not.  And a lot of people in the comic book world fear change.  DC comics is embracing it and showing that they mean business.

Another thing they are doing with the logo is personalizing it for different uses.  They have different color schemes for different uses or representing different characters.  That is kinda cool.

  Be on the lookout for these logos in March!

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