Strange Days

Doctor Strange

I know a lot about comic books, but acknowledge that I don’t know everything.  So, I have decided to spend some time filling in the gaps.  I am planning on spending time with characters or titles that I am not too familiar with.  July is dedicated to Doctor Strange.  Here is what I know about the good doctor going into this:

  • He is known as the Sorcerer Supreme
  • He in the Defenders, is a part time Avenger and maybe(?) is in the Invaders
  • His first name is Steven
  • He is the basis for the character Dr. Orpheus from ‘The Venture Brothers’ cartoon
  • He is THE major player in the Marvel Comics magic universe

I have read different issues with Doctor Strange but never a Doctor Strange comic book.  For the month of July I will read some Doctor Strange, find out more about his background and get to know the world of the Sorcerer Supreme.  Join me, won’t you?

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