In the 100 days until STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS opens in theaters, I am counting down my 100 favorite things about Star Wars. From now until December 18, 2015 I will be posting one of my favorite things from the Star Wars universe. It can be from the movies, comic books or anything Star Wars related. Here is today’s entry:

#96: Episode 1 trailer

Alright…hear me out. Before you get all “I hate Episode 1! What are you talking about?!?!?!” on me, let me explain. Remember back to 1998/1999 when we hadn’t had a Star Wars movie for 16 years. It shouldn’t be too hard to remember, seeing that we are kind of in the same place right now waiting for The Force Awakens. Think back to before we knew who Jar-Jar was or CG Yoda or honestly anything about the prequels. I know that I personally saw this trailer dozens of times. In fact, at a midnight screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, they showed it after the movie “until you all go home.” I saw it 7 times that night. So watch it again through your 1998 eyes and remember the excitement. It is one of the reasons I still love this trailer.

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