In the 100 days leading up to STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, I am counting down my 100 favorite things about Star Wars. Here is the Top 10:
#5: John Williams music
John Williams has set the standard by which all film scores should be judged. What themes are more iconic than Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Art, E.T. and, of course, Star Wars. When that orchestra blares out the beginning of the Star Wars theme…there is no equal to the feeling that overcomes me. The Imperial March is permanently a part of pop culture. The Star Wars soundtracks are on constant rotation in my music listening and would make my desert island record list for sure. I have many favorite tracks, but this one I always seem to go back to. It perfectly sets the mood for Obi-Wan to tell tales of the Jedi. I can’t wait to hear what new music Mr. Williams brings us next week.
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