New Comics 10-18-17

Happy Wednesday Fankind! We hope that you are all doing well and are safe after the week of wild fires. Here are a few things to help take your mind off of the world at large:

DEADPOOL VS OLD MAN LOGAN #1 from Marvel Comics. What do you get when you cross a regenerative, cranky, old X-Man with a regenerative, wacky Wade Wilson? DEADPOOL VS. OLD MAN LOGAN! Writer DECLAN SHALVEY (DEADPOOL, MOON KNIGHT) and Mike Henderson (SECRET WARS: BATTLEWORLD, Nailbiter) are teaming up to team up Marvel’s deadliest heroes together in their own series! James “Logan” Howlett is after a newly discovered Omega-Level mutant, and he just won’t let Deadpool help. So, naturally, Deadpool vows to outmatch his newly marked enemy for the entirety of his mission!

INVINCIBLE IRON MAN 593 from Marvel Comics. THE SEARCH FOR TONY STARK Part 1. Tony Stark has vanished! The mystery deepens as Stark friends and foes must decide, finally, who will wield the power of Iron Man! All the contenders are in position, and all the armor is polished. There can only be one Armored Avenger! The path to the most startling Iron Man story ever begins here!

Also, we want to thank everyone who came in and donated to the fire relief fund. We are totaling up the donations received and will be donating it to the Redwood Credit Union North Bay Fire Relief Fund. If you would like to make additional donations, here is their website:

For a complete list of everything we have in store for you, click HERE. See you soon!



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