New Comics 11-1-17

Happy Wednesday Fankind! This week we have some great books in store for you, including:
CAPTAIN AMERICA #695 from Marvel Comics. Steve Rogers is back in action in the red-white-and-blue! Steve begins a journey across America to restore his tarnished reputation – and the dangers he encounters along the way are unlike any he’s faced before! This is a great book from one of the best creative teams out there: writer Mark Waid, artist Chris Samnee and color artist Matthew Wilson.
SUPERMAN #34 from DC Comics. IMPERIUS REX part two! As the conflict continues, Superman teams with Lex Luthor to bring peace to a leaderless and warring Apokolips as a new warrior enters the battlefield: Lois Lane, female fury. May Granny Goodness have mercy on all their souls. Written by Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason, art by Ed Benes, Doug Mahnke & Jack Herbert and color art by Dinei Ribeiro.
Check out everything we have in store for you by clicking HERE. See you soon!

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