New Comics 11-29-17

Happy Wednesday Fankind! Lots of great books this week, including:
JOHN WICK #1 from Dynamite Entertainment. When a young John Wick emerges from prison and embarks upon his first, epic vendetta, he comes up against a strange, powerful community of assassins and must learn how to master the Book of Rules that guides their lethal business. If you are a fan of the John Wick movies, then this book is for you!
REACTOR #1 from Vault Comics. There’s Weep, your average machine-gun-wielding teenager raised on an Earth overrun with vampires. There’s Poli, who landed on Earth with the mission to kill every damn vampire there. And then there’s King Luc’s heavily fortified blood farm. From Donny Cates (God Country, Redneck) and Dylan Burnett (Weavers) comes Reactor, a whole new entry into the world of vampire warfare, overpowered mechsuits, and 10-year-old presidents.
For a complete list of new books, click HERE. See you soon!!!
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