New Comics 1-24-18

Happy Wednesday, Fankind! Lots of new books for you this week, including:

DOOMSDAY CLOCK #3 from DC Comics. The next chapter in the sequel to THE WATCHMEN continues. As worlds collide, identities are revealed and ghosts from the past return…and that’s about as much as I can say without giving too much away. Pick it up now to see for yourself.


MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #2 from Marvel Comics. The Fate Of The Four continues as The Thing and The Human Torch search for Reed Richards secret device. But will Iron-Doom beat them too it? Can I just say that when the Fantastic Four returns (and they will) I hope that Chip Zdarsky will be writing it. He has a handle on these characters that I haven’t seen in a long time. And the art by Jim Cheung is great too!


For a complete list of new books, click HERE. See you soon!!!

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