New Comics 9-19-18

Happy Wednesday Fankind! It’s a big week with some great titles coming your way, including:



BATMAN: DAMNED #1 from DC Comics Black Label. The Joker is dead. There is no doubt about that. But whether Batman finally snapped his scrawny neck or some other sinister force in Gotham City did the deed is still a mystery.
Problem is, Batman can’t remember… and the more he digs into this labyrinthine case, the more his mind starts to doubt everything he’s uncovering. So who better to set him straight than… John Constantine?
BATMAN: DAMNED is a bimonthly super-natural horror story t that puts the “black” in BLACK LABEL. This one is rated MATURE, so be warned!


BATMAN #55 from DC Comics. The KGBeast lives! The Russian super-assassin is back-but under whose orders? Does he have a specific mission, or is this simply some leftover Cold War mayhem? Nyet, comrade-it has to do with Bruce Wayne’s recent court case involving Mr. Freeze. Something is rotten in Gotham, and you can still smell it, even if it’s on ice!



RETURN OF WOLVERINE #1 from Marvel Comics. He’s back, Bub. Everyone’s favorite 5 foot tall Canadian has finally made his return. But what sinister force is behind it? And what do they have planned for Logan?
PLUS, while supplies last, we have hardcover copies of WOLVERINE: ORIGIN on sale for just $5! Supplies are limited and we will not reserve any copies. Once they are gone, they’re gone! So hurry down!!!

For a complete list of new books, click HERE. See you soon!!!

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