New Comics 10-31-18

Happy Wednesday Halloween Fankind! Lot’s of treats for you this week:


HEX WIVES #1 from DC Comics. For hundreds of years a war has been waged between a coven of perpetually reincarnating witches and the all-male conspiracy known as the Architects. After the death of the lead Architect in 2005 it seemed the witches had finally defeated their foes. Now, 13 years later, waking up in a perfect cookie cutter home at the end of a cul-de-sac in a sunny corner of suburbia, Isadora has no recollection of her past life as the leader of a witch coven, nor her soulmate Nadiya, let alone the centuries-old war she has waged in defense of the soul of America…



HEROES IN CRISIS #2 from DC Comics. Suspected of murder, two of DC’s major characters find themselves on the run from the super-hospital called Sanctuary -with each thinking the other one is the real killer! It’s up to Batman to solve this heinous crime, but suspicion falls on him when Superman and Wonder Woman ponder just how much Sanctuary’s A.I. is telling them. Part 2 of this exciting 9 part mini-series.

For a complete list of new books, click HERE. See you soon!!!

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