New Comics 2-19-20

Happy Wednesday, Fankind! There’s nothing like new comics to get you through the week, so why not check out:

GODKILLERS #1 from Aftershock Comics. Abdul Alhazred is an Arab-American folklore professor-turned-soldier whose fear of death stems from uncertainty about the existence of an afterlife. Then he joins THE GODKILLERS, a special forces unit tasked with finding insurgents who use mythological creatures as weapons of mass destruction. Now that he knows that the supernatural exists, he’ll have to decide which is worse – death or the nightmarish monsters he thought were mere legends.

PLUNGE #1 from DC Comics. In the aftermath of a devastating tsunami, an exploration vessel known as the Derleth begins sending an automated distress signal from a remote atoll in the Bering Strait. The only problem is that the Derleth has been missing for 40 years. Marine biologist Moriah Lamb joins the Carpenter Salvage team to recover the Derleth’s dead…only to find that in this remote part of the Arctic Circle the dead have plenty to say to the living…Joe Hill and Stuart Immonen’s Plunge into terror begins here!

To see what else we have in store for you, click on the NEW THIS WEEK tab and head on down to Brian’s Comics. See you soon!

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