New Comics 12-21-17

Happy Wednesday Fankind! Some old, familiar titles are back with new titles:
QUANTUM AN WOODY #1 from Valiant Entertainment.
Sometimes…you embrace your destiny. And sometimes…you and your troublemaking adopted brother find yourselves trapped in a scientific lab explosion that grants you awesome superpowers. As a result, Eric and Woody Henderson – aka Quantum and Woody – must “klang” their wristbands together every 24 hours or both dissipate into nothingness. Which makes superhero-ing pretty awkward when you’re not on speaking terms at the moment. With great power comes great sibling rivalry!
MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #1 from Marvel Comics. Something is very wrong with THE HUMAN TORCH and only THE THING can help him! It’s the Marvel Universe reunion you’ve all been waiting for (well, HALF of it, at least!). Plus: What monumental secret has DOOM been hiding since the end of SECRET WARS, and how will it completely change the lives of Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm? Writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Jim Cheung bring you the long awaited return of the Fantastic…er…2!!!
Check out all of our new books by clicking HERE. See you soon!
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