New Comics 1-3-18

Happy Wednesday Fankind! New year=new comics, and here are some of what we have for you:
EXIT STAGE LEFT THE SNAGGLEPUSS CHRONICLES #1 from DC Comics. It’s 1953. While the United States is locked in a nuclear arms race with the Soviet Union, the gay Southern playwright known as Snagglepuss is the toast of Broadway. But success has made him a target. As he plans for his next hit play, Snagglepuss becomes the focus of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. And when powerful forces align to purge show business of its most subversive voices, no one is safe! Drama! Humor! Tragedy! It all starts here! There have been a lot of “reimagining” of cartoon characters recently, but this one caught me by surprise. It’s worth picking up.
BATMAN AND THE SIGNAL #1 from DC Comics. Batman may own the night, but with new villains emerging during the day he needs an ally to defend the city when he can’t. Only one teen is up to the challenge, Duke Thomas. After months of training, he’s ready to step out of the shadow of the bat to become his own kind of hero. Meet Gotham City’s newest protector: The Signal! If you have been following Batman and wondering when Duke was going to get his day, then this is the book you need!
For a complete list of new books, click HERE. See you soon!!!
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