New Comics 5-15-19

Happy Wednesday, Fankind. There are a lot of great comics waiting for you this week, including:

FAIRLADY #2 from Image Comics. When a Fairman is declared dead after a mishap with a dragon, his widow hires Jenner Faulds-the land’s only Fairlady-to prove otherwise. Jenner’s investigation will bring her head-to-head with the local constabulary, surly Fairmen, and deadly black marketeers. The second issue in the new hit series from Image Comics, combining detective noir in a fantasy setting.

STAR WARS LANDO CALRISSIAN one-shot from Marvel Comics. CLOUD CITY BLUES! Former smuggler LANDO CALRISSIAN has a beautiful dream: a life of leisure and luxury as the totally legitimate BARON ADMINISTRATOR of CLOUD CITY. All he needs to do is take care of his money troubles with one last, big scam. But what will get in his way the most – his bad luck or this annoying sense of ethics he seems to be developing? Co-starring LOBOT!

To see what else we have in store for you, click on the NEW THIS WEEK tab or come on down to Brian’s Comics. See you soon!!!

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