New Comics 5-22-19

Happy Wednesday Fankind! Are you feeling like laying around and not doing much, like everyone’s favorite intergalactic gangster Jabba the Hutt? Then we have just the books for you:

STAR WARS AGE OF REBELLION: JABBA THE HUTT #1 Across the galaxy, Imperials, rebels and scoundrels alike speak in hushed tones of JABBA THE HUTT, the greatest gangster in the OUTER RIM. Discover what makes the name of Jabba so feared, in a crime story that stretches from the casinos of CANTO BIGHT to the deserts of TATOOINE!

STAR WARS GALAXY’S EDGE #2 from Marvel Comics. Across the galaxy, DOK-ONDAR is known as the procurer of the rarest antiquities in the universe. But the most priceless of his relics come with a darker cost. And with the First Order’s hunt for the hidden Resistance heating up, planet Batuu might soon turn into the most dangerous place in the galaxy. Journey to BLACK SPIRE OUTPOST and discover an early look at the themed land coming to Walt Disney World and Disneyland this year. Guest starring the bounty hunter GREEDO and notorious gangster JABBA THE HUTT!

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